How to Classify Security Door Lock Cylinder? Which type of Door Lock is Suitable on Security Door?
Release Date:2021-05-09 22:29:00
How to Classify Security Door Lock Cylinder? Which type of Door Lock is Suitable on Security Door?
How to Classify Security Door Lock Cylinder? Which type of Door Lock is Suitable on Security Door? 
    Security door is the safety guardian for mordern families. however, the most important component is 
lock cylinder.thus, quality security door lock cylinder is critical for a safe living environment.                                      
Security Door Cylinder Classification:                                                                                                         
    Grade A,B,Super B(C) are widely applied in the current market. the super B is additionally developed by the lock enterprise as enhanced version.different grade's security door cylinder varies much with obvious different anti-theft effects.  
1.Grade A cylinder: normally 一 key or cross key.very simple inner structure,only various with different pins,less and shallow groove.simple line pins or crossed. anti-damage unlocking time is no less than 15 minutes, 
anti-technical unlocking within 1 min. very high mutual unlocking rate. 
2.Grade B Cylinder: Plane key, double-lined pin and groove,extra squiggly grooves or lines are added, 
computer double row cylinder, Double row crescent lock, Double-sided blade lock cylinder
anti-technical unlocking within 5 min. very high mutual unlocking rate. this cylinder can be unlocked 
in 1 mins with twist tools.  
3.Super Grade B(C)cylinder: the shape is single-sided blade inner and outer milling slot or groove key. 

side column cylinder. which is tested not be unlocked in 270 minutes by Ministry of Public Security.regional mutual unlock rate is nearly 0. double row blade and V shape side column lock structure. if using twist tools to unlock, once the inner part is damaged and self-burst unable to be unlocked. 

Comparison Result: Grade A cylinder lock, simple row pin and groove,low safety and cost. not advise to choose this type. 

Grade B cylinder, double-sided, double row pins, higher safety which is generally installed on common security doors. 

Super B (C) cylinder, highest security cylinder, even it's hard to unlock by professinal technicians which ensures the safest living environment to maximum extent. thus this is optimal choice for security doors.


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