Fingerprint Lock Installation Steps
Release Date:2021-03-11 09:39:08
Fingerprint Lock Installation Steps

  • With the rapid development of technology today, the application market for smart door handle lock needs to be born to get rid of the shackles of traditional locks and make them more secure. Security, versatility, intelligence, convenience, even if you are not traveling, the current fingerprint lock can use a key to open the door and carry the key, you can do whatever you want. But the fingerprint lock is so smart and convenient, how can mortise handle lock manufacturers share with you how to install it?
  • 1.Prepare the necessary tools for smart fingerprint lock installation, such as tape measure, screwdriver, pliers, hole-opening artifact, rubber handle hammer, twist drill, etc.
  • 2.Installation steps
  • A. Firstly, you need to draw a line. Trace the hole according to the size shown in the installation drawing, determine the center line of the handle, and open the size with the center line of the opening diagram.
  • B. Determine the position of the lock cylinder hole: Tear the side of the template as shown in the figure, and then paste it on the side of the door, and make the center line of the handle on the template and the center line of the thickness of the door the same as the two centers drawn on the door Align the lines and outline them with a pencil.
  • C. Determine the position of the indoor face: Put the template with the side torn off in the door room, align the center line of the handle and the edge of the indoor template drawn in the previous step, and trace all the holes. (During the drawing process, the template must always be aligned with the center line of the handle and the edge of the template drawn in the previous step)
  • D. Install the lock core: Determine the door opening method, adjust the direction of the bolt of the lock body, connect the heaven and earth hook of the lock body to the heaven and earth rod on the door, and fix the lock body on the door panel with screws.
  • E. Wiring: first screw the countershaft screw on the front lock, connect the power cord, insert the square bar and fix the positioning screw with the screw of the rear lock fixing seat, and tighten the front lock body.
  • F. Connect the rear lock body terminal with the front lock body terminal, insert the square bar to fix the rear lock body with the countershaft screw, tighten the fixing hidden screw, and cover the battery cover.
  • G. Install the door buckle box on the door frame, install the door buckle plate, fix it with screws, and finally check whether the lock body moves smoothly.
  • Newly installed smart handle lock setting fingerprint method
  • 1. Factory initialization Press the touch button on the main board, and after hearing the "Enter initialization" prompt, the initialization starts, and the initialization is complete with a prompt sound
  • 2. Enter the door opening password and press the "Add" button. After the prompt tone, "Enter the management password and end with #"; after entering the management password, enter the door opening password and press the # key to confirm; re-enter the door opening password and press # To confirm
  • 3. After the first entry is successful, it will prompt "Entry again", press the fingerprint again to enter successfully. Note: Different brands and different models have different setting methods. The above methods are for reference only. It is recommended that the instructions prevail.

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