Can the Smart Fingerprint Lock be Installed on Any Door?
Release Date:2020-12-31 19:09:00
Can the Smart Fingerprint Lock be Installed on Any Door?

Fingerprint smart lock screen can be installed on wooden doors, copper doors, iron doors, stainless steel doors, and anti-theft doors, but not for glass doors. Fingerprint code locks are usually suitable for all doors, as long as the thickness and related parameters of the door meet the requirements (the seller's data needs to be informed), the door should not be too thick (less than or equal to 6 cm) when choosing the door to install, taking into account some problems in practical applications In some cases, it may cause inconvenience. Therefore, some smart lock manufacturer tell you that it is necessary to consider whether to make a reasonable choice based on the actual situation and environment

       Misrecognition is not the price of fingerprint smart locks. The higher the price, the cheaper the better, and a good price-performance product is a good product. Your product may be because of its higher advertising costs or the relatively high cost of the product, not necessarily because the product has a higher value. For cheap products, manufacturers may pursue low cost and reduce input protection circuits on the one hand, or choose low-quality and second-hand chips. Therefore, project traders must keep their eyes open on the performance of product prices in order to make a reasonable assessment.

  Many people pay too much attention to the appearance of the door and the steel plate when choosing the anti-theft door, but they ignore the heart of the anti-theft door-the lock. And some unscrupulous merchants are taking advantage of consumers’ lack of knowledge about anti-theft doors, boasting that locks without anti-theft functions are anti-drilling and anti-prying “gao-level locks”. They even say that their anti-theft door locks have many lock points, everyone Can't open. In fact, these businesses are conflating the concept of lock point and lock cylinder. The lock point is the point where the door and the wall are connected together. The lock point can only be tamper-proof, and the lock cylinder is the core of the anti-theft lock. All screen lock have only one core. No matter how strong the door is and how many lock points are, it is all controlled by the lock cylinder. As soon as the lock cylinder is opened, all the lock points are opened, and they are displayed on the thick steel plate  mail to [email protected] for further details. 

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