Smart Door Locks Industry Reveals Three Trends
Release Date:2020-12-01 12:29:50
Smart Door Locks Industry Reveals Three Trends

     Trend 1: The smart door lock industry will enter a period of rapid development, and there will be explosive growth in the next few years. According to the survey data in 2018, more than 2,000 companies have entered the field of smart door locks. In 2019, the entire smart door lock market will exceed 29 million sets. By 2020, the entire smart door locks will exceed 40 million sets, and the market size will reach 40 billion. keyless entry door locks smart door lock industry is rapidly heading for a period of prosperity.

     Trend 2: Individual needs promote product innovation.It is understood that in recent years, people's living standards have greatly improved, and consumers have shifted from necessity to practicality and even applicability. In the future, with more and more post-80s and 90s becoming the main body of decision-making for house purchase and decoration, there is still a huge market space in the smart door lock market, and their concepts will also change the development trend of the market. [email protected] New consumer groups who pursue fashion, promote their individuality and enjoy life have an increasingly greater individual requirements on smart lock consumption. In this market environment, the design elites in the smart door lock industry are urged to open their minds and create more fashionable , Products with more appreciation value. Therefore, in the future smart door lock market, whoever masters the main driving force of innovation will gain the first competitiveness in the market, and high value-added smart door locks are occupying the market.

     Trend 3: "Intelligence" will become the industry's sales highlight and main growth point.

Intimate intelligent functions have become the additional competitiveness of smart door lock products. As the market continues to heat up, personalized and diversified consumption have become prominent, innovation and quality have become mainstream. From the perspective of new products from well-known manufacturers, compared with traditional lock methods , Have adopted intelligent, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, remote APP unlocking and other advanced functions one after another. Analysis of the development trend of the smart door lock industry, from a single fingerprint unlocking function to the popular trend of face recognition plus fingerprint hybrid recognition unlocking. Electronic door lock  

  Smart lock market potential is amazing!

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