The Entrance of Smart Home-- What Changes Will Happen to The Smart Lock Industry in 2020?
Release Date:2020-12-01 11:52:00
The Entrance of Smart Home-- What Changes Will Happen to The Smart Lock Industry in 2020?

Smart door locks, as an entry-level product for smart homes, have also become a key entry for smart home service groups. At the same time, smart door locks, as the core single product of home smart security products, have become an indispensable core component of the smart home ecological chain. Front door lock

   With the popularization of the concept of smart home, smart locks became a new outlet once popular. In the niche market, there are a lot of entrants for a while, and many players have emerged on this track, including traditional lock brands, home appliance manufacturers, and Internet brands. inquiry box: [email protected]   

         Smart door lock sales channels are mainly divided into offline retail, online channels and engineering channels. In the past, sales mainly relied on offline channels and engineering channels, but now with the development of the Internet, online channels for end consumers have also developed The engineering market is basically stable. According to Analysys and statistics, the current domestic offline channel sales of smart locks account for about 50%, mainly relying on dealers for sales. Online channel sales accounted for about 10%, mainly relying on, Tmall and its own malls. Mortise smart lock With the rapid development of the Internet and online sales in the past two years, the growth rate of online retail is significantly faster than offline retail. Engineering channels account for 40% of total sales, and the main demand comes from office buildings, banks, and airport construction. 

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