The function of zigbee smart home hub in home automation
Release Date:2020-06-28 10:32:28
The function of zigbee smart home hub in home automation

The function of zigbee smart home hub in home automation Wifi door lock

1) Make different smart home devices “talk” with each other
Zigbee home hub is the hub of controlling smart home devices on a home automation network that translates various protocol types from different zigbee devices. For example, the smart plug, door/window sensor, temperature sensor, S Lock and water leakage sensor in your smart home system maybe from different brands, if one of them doesn’t use zigbee to communicate, that leads to a communication failure.

2) Deliver data to the App for monitor and remote control Best Wifi Door Lock

What’s more, due to the capability of translator among different protocols, zigbee smart home hubs simplife the process flow for users. Users can use one single application to get messages from their smart home zigbee devices and then remotely control them in real time.

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    In comparison with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), popular protocols in home automation like zigbee and Z-Wave can bring low-cost wireless connectivity to the zigbee devices. And they also have the advantages in transmission distance and wireless signal penetration, reducing the delay of data transmission.

3) Bring more zigbee devices into smart home system  

The standardization and open-source of the zigbee smart home hub make it possible for bringing more zigbee devices into smart home system. Smart home solution providers can use the open source zigbee hub to access to their own cloud based on free APIs.

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